How to place order
First of all, we thank you for choosing AEF stringing machine, we appreciate the trust and support you give to AEF Company.
When you have chosen the stringing machine, then we would like to remind you the following items.
Please note:
  • Please confirm the name and style number of the stringing machine you need through AEF service hotline 0086-0592-5231606 or fax: 0086-0592-5230720 or by email :
  • Please confirm to us if the stringing machine you're going to purchase can meet your requirements.
  • Please confirm to us your payment terms and transportation way.
  • Login onto "FAQ" part to know more details about our” after sales service”
  • Login onto "stringing tools" to learn if you still need other tools.
  • Pay close attention to our website to get updated information about the price and model of the product you want to purchase.
We offer the services:
  • Confirm the stringing machine style you chose.
  • Help you to learn the machine performance and confirm if the machine you chose can meet your needs.
  • Confirm your payment terms and transportation way.
  • Deliver the product safely to the destination.
  • Establish long-term amicable cooperative relationship with you.
Specific operation ways:
  • Send your order through fax, email or airmail to us. And write down your contact way in the order. We will give our confirmation to you as soon as possible.
    purchase order (for your reference)
    purchase order no.   reference no.  
    shipping method: ( ) by sea
    ( ) by air
    ( ) cartage
    ( ) express
    ( ) await orders
    item no description standard quantity delivery date
    method of payment:        
  • Payment terms: cash payment or transfer payment. Please fax the receipt or bank slip to us to keep as paid vouchers.
  • Freight cost and other extra expense: domestic order –price exclude freight cost or other expense, the overseas order- EXW price. We prefer EXW, FOB, CNF terms, but accept other trade terms.
  • Final payment: RMB inside China, US dollars outside China.
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