AEF Sports Product Xiamen Co., Ltd. is a sino-foreign joint venture specialized in the production of racquet stringing machine.
Our company produces a variety of stringing machines for racquets of tennis, badminton, squash, etc. Since its establishment, we've been devoting our efforts in the production, research and development of racquet stringing machines and have achieved great success. An independent mould design team plus supporting facilities like automatic plastic tubular extruder and injection moulding equipments lays a solid foundation for the production of our stringing machine.
Our slogan is "to design special racquet stringing machine that suits your special needs", for this we elaborate different types of racquet stringing machine for our customers. For example, we design out the high efficient stringing machine characterized by high speed for racquet producer, and make stringing machine featuring accurate tension poundage for sports goods company, and the easy-to-operate style for sports enthusiasts.
Adhering to the business concept of "Customer First, Quality Foremost", and with top quality product plus perfect after-sale service, we're confident to meet more and more sports fans' needs.
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